Network Stress

Shifts to low-carbon renewable technologies are stressing distribution networks. This problem will only get worse as distributed generation and prosumers become more common.

Real-time monitoring of assets allows grid operators to safeguard their network. Robust data informs better planning, and enables inefficiencies to be identified.

We have developed an end-to-end asset monitoring system. Our sophisticated meter units and robust communications feed our modern web-based user interface. Users can track changes in real time, set up custom alerts, and examine historical data.

High tension power lines

Potential Benefits

  • Planning upgrades

    Decide which grids to upgrade and which have spare capacity. Target maintenance where it's needed most.

  • Usage profiles

    Power use is changing with the growth of prosumers. Don't base your decisions on obsolete information.

  • Power quality

    Live power quality analysis up to the 50th harmonic. Protect your sensitive equipment from bad PQ.

Product Overview

Our system is fully designed and built in house. Based around a modular
design, with cost optimisation built-in from the beginning, our solution can be tailored
for your needs, and rolled out at large scale across your network.

  • 4 Voltage inputs
  • 32 Current feeders
  • 15 Minutes install
  • 50 Harmonics
  • IP-65 Rated

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