PwrScope. More than energy monitoring.

PwrScope is a brand-new versatile electrical intelligence solution. From a single point of installation, PwrScope provides:

  • Virtual power metering of major electrical loads
  • Analysis of power consumption trends and detection of anomalies
  • Continuous forensic examination of power quality
  • Long-term condition tracking of electrical equipment for predictive maintenance

Unlock the future of electrical intelligence now.

X-ray your grid.

PwrScope offers unprecedented visibility into your grid:

  • Consumption breakdowns

    See what your electricity budget is actually spent on and eliminate inefficiencies.

  • Usage profiles

    Flatten your curve. Schedule discretionary loads to avoid peak pricing and take advantage of cheaper rates.

  • Power quality

    Protect your sensitive equipment from bad power quality, whether from the supply or from complex effects created by on-site green technologies.

  • Operational awareness

    Be notified whenever processes deviate from their regular patterns and check in on critical equipment, no matter where you are.

  • Validation

    Gain confidence about your energy proposals and easily validate their impact.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Predict and diagnose failures. Replace equipment before it fails.


  • IP-65 Rated
  • No Downtime
  • 15 Minutes install
  • Cloud Hosting included
  • On-site Hosting possible

Installing PwrScope could not be easier. The non-invasive sensor module is placed at a single point of installation, e.g. on the LV side of an on-site distribution transformer or on the main incomers to the facility.

No de-energisation is required, allowing you to get up and running seamlessly.

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